Advertisement Factor Important Than Demographics

Let Us Get To Know The Advertisement Factor Important Than Demographics In Online Marketing
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The most important factor that plays when it comes to an online or digital advertisement is demographics, as it is very important to know your potential customer and clients and to launch your product incorrect demographics will ensure right ROI and conversions which are an important factor for the profitability of online or digital marketing. But let us consider one more advertisement factor important than demographics.

The online or digital marketing world is huge with billions of potential customers and reaches every many advertisers are also exploring digital medium to launch their product and services to create brand awareness.

The data you collect and various reports which you analyze as the online marketer of no use if you don't understand proper demographics and filter it out as per your requirements.

But to be successful in this huge world of the online medium, you need to explore many other things besides demographics, and use these things effectively will make a huge impact on your business and conversions. Let us get to know about these factors and who you can use it effectively to improve your business.

As per many studies, it is suggested that online retails or marketers have to put tough efforts to sell their products or services. The conversion rate is low but you can always improve the conversion rate and higher your sale, and this you can achieve besides demographics.

Let's understand it better with the following example, I am on my vacation and away from the town to another state and I would like to purchase something related to electronics, but as I said earlier I am away from my town I would certainly be not in the demographic segment of the online retailers here in this city. I try to make a purchase, but at last moment I have to cancel it as it says delivery charges are too high, so I stopped at last stage of making a purchase.

So, this data can be used by any online marketer or retailer to his advantage as you know that someone wants to purchase an electronic item and failed to do so, and obviously, in this example demographics does not play any role. You can let your potential customer deliver or make him purchase that electronic item to his current location.

And all this you as an online marketer can do if you know the intent of your customer, and in online marketing world it is called knowing the "Customer's Intent." So, the point is if you know to get the intent of your potential client you can motivate them to purchase from your online store.

You also must have experienced as an online marketer or retailer that if your product is female oriented. That does not mean only women are going to look out for the product, in fact, it is registered that more than fifty percent of the male have searched for women skin care and beauty products, and this shows that demographics do not affect here at all.

At present, it is very difficult or online marketing don't have any such tool using which you can know the intent of the customer. It is very complex, but yes online marketers and retailers can smartly measure the intent of the customers. And you can do this by remarketing, cookies based advertisement and automated email; these can be used very effectively to understand the intent of the customers to some extent.

But most of the online advertisers and marketers still using first-party data to rely on and measure the behavior of the potential clients and customers. But slowly third-party data is also making way into the world of digital or online marketing third party data can be defined as data you get from shared cookies or tracking IP's.

Some, of these techniques and methods to gather the third party data, is questionable as it is violating the privacy of the customers, but for many online marketers and advertisers, this is great data to increase their conversion rates.


Manipulating Content To Measure The Intent

It is very obvious that the first party and third party data does not give online marketer or advertiser a clear hint about the intent of the customer, but marketers need to solve this pieces of a puzzle to understand the nearest intent of the customers. Many big companies are already using this first party and third party data to understand the intent of the customer, they have already hired a huge team to solve these data in the form of a puzzle and get the better target audience or customers.

There are many other analytics tools available like 'Kissmetrics' which help online marketer or retailer to know the intent of the customer and to use this information they can target a customer and will surely get good conversion rates. So, as an online marketer you should decide what more important demographics or intent is, obviously knowing the intent of the customer is little difficult, but when you know exact intent of your potential client or audience, you will target them accordingly.  

Many marketers run intent based campaigns, but still, many other marketers believe in traditional ways of online or digital marketing. Few marketers are applying both the techniques, so it is up to you as the online marketer how you want to run your online marketing campaigns.

Marketing techniques and methods change very frequently if it is an online or digital world, but the prime objective will be to know the intent of your potential clients or customers and get higher conversion rates against the total advertisement budget.

You as an online marketer can run your campaigns based on any techniques or methods in which you are comfortable; if you want to run intent based campaigns your can or if you want to run demographics based campaigns you can do that also. The main aim should always be a good conversion rate; you research more about the intent based campaigns.

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