What is 'Income'?

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The money that particular person or individual gets in exchange for providing a service or a good to a customer or even through investing capital is considered income.

To cover day-to-day expenditures income is utilized. People of ages 65 and under get incomes in the form of salary or wages earned from doing a particular job.

People who have entered their retirement stages earn income through pensions, investments and social security. For businesses, the term income stands for something different it means earnings or retained profits that are accumulated after deduction of all the expenses and taxes. Taxation is one element that is often associated with income.


Understanding the concept of income more clearly

Most people earn income by working or by investing financially in things like assets for example stocks, bonds, and real estate. In most countries, incomes are deducted according to the taxes by the government before they are distributed.

The revenue that is collected through taxation is used to fund government programs by the federal and state budget.  Income earned from sources other than a proper job is considered to an investment income or unearned income according to the IRS.


In the United States of America, the following comes from taxable income:

Wages, farming, and fishing income,  gambling income, bartering income, salaries, interest, retirement plan distributions, dividends, business income, capital gains, pension and annuity payments, unemployment compensation, jury duty pay, rental income,  & stock options an individual undergoes in an assigned tax year.


The following income categories are excluded from taxation:

Interest income from the United States Treasury securities, interest from municipal bonds and capital gains that are offset by capital losses. Some of the incomes are taxed at a lower rate, and these might include qualified dividends and long-term capital gains.

Sometimes even social security is taxable reliant on how much another income taxpayer receives during the year.

After taxes are deducted from an individuals income the income that is left is called disposable income. Mostly this revenue is used to fulfill the daily needs of life, and sometimes it saved for future luxury purchases.

This income can be utilized for food, house items, transportation or any other miscellaneous things that an individual consider is important.

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