Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)

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PCAOB is a non-profit corporation that stands for Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. The corporation deals mainly with overseeing the audits of different public companies to ensure that the investors and the interests of the public are protected via sharing accurate audit reports.

Public Company Accounting Oversight Board is a perfect model of regulatory organizations as it uses both innovative and cost-effective tools which make sure that the quality of the audit reports is maintained along with reducing the risks and chances of a failure that might occur in auditing.

The task of the PCAOB is to come up with ways through which trust is promoted in the process of financial reporting along with the profession of auditing itself. People who work for the PCAOB can get some benefits.


Benefits of working in PCAOB ( Public Company Accounting Oversight Board )

The benefits that can be enjoyed by both full time and part-time employees working in PCAOB are mentioned below:

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has a perfect retirement plan for its employees. It makes sure that if an employee participates in the contribution that is made by him is matched in dollars.

It also allows the employees to decide or come up with ways to which they want to invest their money. They can either select from a list of mutual funds, or that can simply access the portfolio strategies.

The PCAOB makes sure that the employees are given the right to take off from their jobs. It provides its employees a total of 10 holidays. Moreover, the employees can also get holidays for vacations, sickness or other kinds of family needs that they might have to fulfill.

The corporation makes sure that they don’t pressurize their employees to decide between family and work, in fact, the team that works at PCAOB makes sure that a balance is maintained in the personal as well as work life of every individual.

It also ensures the medical care and needs of its employees, and for that, they have devised a Preferred Provider Organization or (PPO), which is assigned the task of coming up with the best medical plans for the employees of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).

The PPO offers two plans, and the employees can decide the plan that suits their needs and preferences. Moreover, the employees can save a huge chunk of money on drugs that are prescribed by the doctors to treat an illness hence the all medical aspects are a part of your medical coverage without any additional monthly charge.

Long-term problems like dental care or problems related to vision are also mentioned in the list of benefits that are given to the employees of PCAOB. The PPO offers a range of dental services to its employees, and hence dental problems can be treated at a reduced rate as compared to the dentists who are not mentioned in the list.

Moreover, the employees and its family can use the vision care services whenever they want. Under the vision care services, some of the services are offered at 100% coverage rate of all the expenses. Which means that you might not have to pay anything and you can get your vision problems fixed.

It also offers life insurance to its employees as well and not only that the employees can also purchase supplemental insurance for their family members.

Hence PCAOB makes sure that people who are helping them protect investors across the United States are also offered services that ensure their protection as well.

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